Lecture Titles

  • O. Aharony, "AdS/CFT for CFT/AdS" (pdf)
  • N. Arkani-Hamed, "Scattering amplitudes in N=4 SYM"
  • N. Beisert, "Null polygonal Wilson loops in full N=4 superspace" (pdf)
  • N. Berkovits, "AdS5×S5 Superstring at Small Radius"
  • Z. Bern, "Supergravity from N=4 SYM amplitudes" (pdf)
  • L. Brink, "The origins of N=4 Yang-Mills" (pdf)
  • C. Cheung, "Natural SUSY and the LHC" (pdf)
  • H. Elvang, "On the a-theorem"
  • J. Maldacena, " The quark anti-quark potential from integrability" (pdf) (pptx)
  • G. Moore, "Spectral networks and their applications" (pdf) (pptx)
  • J. Polchinski, "Scale and Conformal Invariance" (pdf)
  • A. Polyakov, "The Dark and the Red" (pdf) (pptx)
  • L. Randall, "Squark hierarchy and Seiberg duality"
  • A. Volovich, "Mathematical structures of scattering amplitudes"
  • A. Sen, "BPS states in N=4" (pdf)
  • D. Skinner, "Amplitudes and Wilson loops at weak and strong coupling" (pdf)
  • M. Spiropulu, "The search for supersymmetry at the LHC"
  • M. Staudacher, "Q operators, Yangians and all that" (pdf)
  • A. Tseytlin, "Short spinning strings and AdS5×S5 spectrum" (pdf)
  • E. Witten, "Superstring perturbation theory revisited" (pdf)

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