The 2016 edition of the Conference on Flavor Physics and CP Violation will be
held at on the campus of the California Institute of Technology on 5-9 June.
The FPCP conference series was founded in 2002 through the merger of the
Heavy Flavor (HF) and B Physics and CP Violation (BPCP) conference series.
A list of previous FPCP venues can be found here.

International Advisory Committee

Fabrizio Bianchi, Torino
Xiao-Gang He, NTU
Guennadi Borissov, Lancaster
David Hitlin, Caltech
Roy Briere, Carnegie Mellon
Toru Iijima, Nagoya
Tom Browder, Hawaii
C.S. Kim, Yonsei
Hai-Chang Cheng, Academica Sinica
Urs Langenegger, PSI
Christine Davies, Glasgow
Renaud Le Gac, Marseille

Leandro de Paula, Rio de Janeiro
Zoltan Ligeti, LBNL
Zdenek Dolezal, Charles University
Yoshi Sakai, KEK
Ulrik Egede, Imperial College
Abner Soffer, Tel Aviv
Marcello Giorgi, Pisa
Sheldon Stone, Syracuse
Benjamin Grinstein, UC San Diego
Zhengguo Zhao, USTC
Michael Gronau, Technion

LOcal organizing Committee

Clifford Cheung
Bertrand Echenard
Marlene Fouché
David Hitlin, Chair
Tomo Miyashita
Frank Porter
Markus Röhrken
Mark Wise